Women drive most part of e-commerce activity

Year by year we can see how women obtain places of editors, top managers, directors, ministers or even presidents. Women, taking an active part in any type of business or any life activity, lead to equal rights between men and women. Nevertheless, there are some areas in society where quantity of women is much bigger than of man. It is neither bad nor good, it’s statistics.

Women drive most part of e-commerce activity. Let’s begin with social networks. The gender divide on Facebook is currently at 58/42 in favour of women. Updates, comments and messaging are driving by 62% of women. According to bloggers analysis, women have more followers in Twitter than men and besides, women follow and tweet more people than men do. According to recent results of comScore (a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence) the majority of social network users are women, they spend 30% more time on these sites than men. Among mobile social network users - 55% are female.

Looking through plenty of statistic data for the year 2012, we can find interesting facts:
* in e-commerce area 70% of the customers' data base are women,
* 74% of e-commerce revenue is operated by women,
* 65% of rental websites' clients are women,
* the majority of tickets, rooms etc. are booked by women,
* over 70% online shopping activity is operated by women.

Many top positions and business in e-commerce world are held by women. Some of them are:
Sonali de Rycker - an independent director on the board of InterActiveCorp;
Marissa Mayer - CEO of Yahoo;
Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook Chief Operating Officer;
Irene Rosenfeld - Kraft Foods SEO;
Susan Wojcicki - SVP, Advertising, Google;
Katie Jacobs Stanton - VP, International Strategy, Twitter and etc.

Lots of interesting and useful applications were invented and developed by women. There are such apps for cell phones as BipperKids, launched in 2010; a safety app “Circle of 6”, enabling user to connect 6 friends and call them for help if he/she is in trouble, launched this spring.

Drawing a conclusion: no matter men or women drive e-commerce, the most essential thing is respect to the gender and result of activity - profit and permanent clients in e-commerce. Women drive most part of e-commerce activity, this considerable fact should be taken into account. If you want to increase profit or attract other segment of the market, first of all you need to make observation of your company's needs and customer's data base, check your marketing strategy.

Strange as it may seem but there arises question: do women take key positions in your company? Even if you sell cars, take into account the fact that a lot of women drive cars too and your website visitors can be females as well. Especially if most part of your customers are females, why wouldn’t you hire a great woman in your team. Besides, dissimilar type of psychology will give a chance to look at customers' needs from different sides.

The point is not just to show the women's prevalence in the world or the fact that women buy more stuff than men, but the reason is to indicate the business reality - women are the dominant purchasing population.

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