Western Union Travel: money move with you

Recently Western Union announced the start of two programs for international travelers: Western Union MasterCard prepaid card for travelers and option to send Western Union Money transfer to yourself.

Western Union has combined unmet needs of many travelers throughout the world. Western Union prepaid card is for those who prefer payments with card and avoid cash. While Western Union Money transfer to yourself option is for people who prefer cash, or do not have possibility to use credit card a lot.

On the launch of this options Western Union Executive Vice President stated: “Western Union connects cash with the electronic world in a way no other company can, and we’re proud to introduce solutions that our customers want and need.”

Western Union TravelWide MasterCard prepaid card

If you travel a lot and prefer using credit card this offer is just for you! Western Union TravelWide MasterCard prepaid card can be ordered easily online. You can simply load your card with any amount you need to set off on a journey.

It is easy to use and protected from theft. You can manage your finances though online Western Union interface. And MasterCard Zero Liability Program protects your card if it is lost or stolen. Also this card is very fee-friendly. There are no monthly maintenance fees, late payment or purchase transaction fees.

Send money to your destination

On the other hand, there is another group of travelers. They might explore some most remote places of our planet. They have rare access to ATMs or just prefer cash. In this case, Western Union offers option of sending money to yourself before leaving for a trip.

For transfers abroad to most countries, exchange-rate is calculated when the funds are sent, so the travelers will know how much will be waiting for them when they arrive at the destination. This is more than just convenient.

Western Union Company is the leader in global payment services. Western Union is constantly trying to develop and expand the range of provided services. The launch of these offers is part of company’s persistent evolution to provide innovative products and services for various customers all around the world. Western Union launched piloting version of these offers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany in the end of 2012. In 2013 the list of countries will expand.

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