Tips for e-commerce businesses going global

E-commerce businesses emerge and develop. They can be solely local, still there is another way for them - to go global. Researchers predict growth of Internet users of more than 1 billion in developing countries and the boost of 164 million new Internet users in developed markets by 2015. This is time to wipe off borders for e-commerce businesses and establish international presence.

E-commerce businesses should draw attentions to these 5 tips, composed (formulated) by leaders of top e-commerce brands, before international expansion.

1. Adjust your site for international market.
When you begin to work with people worldwide, it is important to personalize your site for different needs, habits and languages. Adjust your product categories as well. Same products can fall into different product categories in different countries. Make personalized communication with your customers from different countries - social media, advertising email campaigns, promotions should be local.

2. Payment methods.
Payment methods are the keywords for e-commerce. According to the research 83% users consider wide range of payment methods is important and other study shows that 4 in 10 customers state that big variety of payment options prompts them to spend more. Select payment methods you can offer to your customers. Each country has some nuances of online, mobile or direct payments, which should be taken into account.

3. Delivery.
International presence - international delivery. Make it clear for you clients that you deliver internationally. Provide as much clear information on delivery options as you can: cost, delivery time frame, how clients can check delivering goods.

4. Cross-sell other products and brands.
To keep delivery costs down and increase shopping cart values recommend purchases. Offer your customers similar products and sister brands.

5. Mobile is a must.
More and more clients do mobile shopping. To attract more clients it is recommended to adjust your website for mobile phones. Availability of your business on mobile devices will be great benefit as there are not so many international brands which offer mobile presence.

Constant evolution of e-commerce prompts businesses to search for further steps in their growth and improvement. Research, analysis and rapt attention to trends, customer’s need and changes in e-commerce market will help to succeed.

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