Social websites can help your business

Millions of people use social websites for communication and entertainment. But are these the only possible reasons why people can use them? Such social and image sharing “giants” like Facebook and Pinterest disclaim this statement by expanding their functions for businesses.

Facebook has recently started new fascinating gift option. It is now possible to send real gifts using Facebook. This real gift option is a breath of fresh air for online world. Although this option is not new for Facebook.

In 2007 Facebook launched Virtual Gift Shop. Users could send images of different gifts to congratulate others on some festive occasions. This service stopped working on the 1st of August 2010. In Facebook Blog was said that all sent and received gifts will remain on users’ gift pages. Gift Shop was closed, due to decision of Facebook authorities to leave this project and develop others instead. Although official Gift Shop stopped working, lots of other gift apps remained active.

Now Facebook decided to renew gift option. It has temporarily one nuance: currently only US and Canada citizens can send and receive such gifts.

Facebook gifts have many features. Lets start with the list of items you can choose as a present. As a gift you can choose items of Facebook retailing partners like Fab, babyGap, Brookstone, L'Occitane, Mondavi, Random House, Inc., Chandon, NARS cosmetics, ProFlowers, Dean & DeLuca and Lindt.

There is nothing easier than sending gifts. You can indicate the point of destination by yourself or send your present with the e-card to your friend, asking him/her to fill in shipping form. If you do not know which present to choose, Facebook will suggest you. It will automatically find gifts according to the recipient’s sex, age and preferences. Recipient’s preferences are analyzed by what does he or she liked on Facebook.

You can send gift personally or post it on your friend’s timeline. Also gift receiver can unwrap it before he/she actually gets it. What to do if you do not like your gift? Facebook has solved this problem. You can easily change your present for another one or swap its size or colour.

This innovation is not only the great promotion for these brands and stores, but also a great way to support F-commerce.

You can pay for your gifts with Facebook credits. offers you to buy Facebook Gift Vouchers. Among the other payment options, you can purchase credits with PayPal. As soon as your wallet is stuffed with Facebook credits, please feel free to choose the present.

Another interesting development is “Want” button. Facebook is in the process of testing this button with several retailers. If this button will be launched, users will be able to create their own Collections or Wish lists. Afterwards they can buy items they “Want” or “hint” others at thing they want as a present.

When you press “Want” button you are then asked why do you want it? Answers to this question might be magnificent opportunity for brands to learn more about their customers’ needs or desires. Besides, you can indicate that you do not “Want” this item anymore by pressing “Unwant” button.

Facebook got really serious about working for e-commerce. It is worth saying that Facebook representative assured that there is no fee for buying stuff on Facebook so far.

Pinterest - the largest and the most popular image sharing platform nowadays provides craftsmen and artists with opportunity to perform their business. Pinterest has launched business accounts for those who want to promote their stuff.

It is very convenient that you can expose items you want to sell. You can link your account to Facebook and Twitter. To make your Pinterest Board more attractive you can also pin other people’s stuff. This will vary your Board and expand the number of your followers.

It is important to be authentic and true to your style and individuality. When you launch your brand’s promotion on Pinterest make sure that you use original picture for your profile as well as great story for the description.You can pin different offers to your board. Use links to the source of your pins (e.g. to your own website) to draw people’s attention and attract them to your website. It is very creative and attractive to others when you pin not only special offers but also some pictures which reflect your hobbies or preferences.

As you can see, promotion on social websites can not only draw customers' attention to your brand, store or service but also really make them buy your stuff. Set up an agreement with Facebook or create Pinterest business account, and you will lift your business on the next step of its development.

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