Share content - earn money with micro-donations

As you know, there are lots of ways of earnig money on the Internet. Usage of your creativity is included. You can write your own blog or column in an online edition. What about becoming a star on the Internet after uploading video with a song or dance.

Flattr, Swedish social micro-donation service, proves that people can be paid for their social media posts. Startup Flattr with an innovative business model was launched back in 2010. The main idea of Flattr is to monetize positive feedback of users to what you post.

How does it work?
Every user which sets up an account with Flattr has to pay a fee - minimum fee is 2 EUR. Fee can vary, depending on the amount of funds user is ready to contribute for any kind of online content. When the user notices something that can be "flattred", he / she pushes button “Flattr” to reward content provider. Currently you can pay your fee using PayPal or any available credit / debit card.

In the end of the month, fee is split among the authors of the content you have “flattred”. If you liked one and the same post twice or more it will not bring more funds to the author of the post. Your fee will be divided among all the posts just in the same way.

The main problem of Flattr is that there should be more people involved in the process of micro-donation. Earlier it was possible to share your online content to send and receive micro-donations via social network ImFlattrd and with Mozilla add-on (to flatter any content).

Recently Flattr changed its way. Service started to expand the borders. Now it enables users to connect their social media accounts. Flattr users can now give and receive funds by liking content on other web services which are already connected to Flattr.

The list of services connected with Flattr includes Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Github, Vimeo, Flickr, 500px, and Number of Flattr connected services is going to expand.

If author of the content, whose posts were liked, doesn’t yet have Flattr account, he/she will receive invitation to register one. Content creator (receiver of micro-donations) will be alarmed that he / she has some amount to claim.

Currently this is not the fastest way to earn money on the Internet, still it is a very effective way of monetizing "Likes". Just for your consideration, there are 400 million Twitter posts per day and 40 million Instagram photos uploaded every day.

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