Skype in the workplace for small and middle-sized businesses

On November 8, 2012 Skype, the most widespread voice over IP provider, launched online platform for small and middle-sized businesses. New online platform enables businesses to connect with their partners and clients all over the globe. During 6 months of beta trial period 500 businesses, which offer more than 140 services, were offered to sign up and test the platform. Now this free tool is available for everyone.

The main goal of SITW is to connect, develop and organize businesses, providing the services they require from a global community of experts, share inspiration and experience.

One of the advantages of using Skype for businesses is that it is very low-cost. Company makes money by offering premium services, like voice mail, SkypeIn (number through which people can call to your computer via Skype) and very low-cost calling SkypeOut (you can call to any landline or cell phone using your Skype). Still even these prepaid services cost not so much.

Our service offers businesses to fund their Skype accounts using our Skype vouchers. Just indicate necessary details and press “Submit” and you will receive Skype voucher within 1 business day.

It is also possible for businesses to join Skype business community using their existing regular Skype accounts or LinkedIn logos. They are able to create “offers” and “opportunities” using different promotional tools to demonstrate them to community members through live sessions on Skype. Promoting your product for free to half a billion of people - isn’t that your dream? The answer of a true and devoted business owner is - “Yes, it surely is”.

Using video-to-video correspondence businesses can perform live stream to display their offers best. This option is great, especially when you try to reach the most possible quantity of potential customers.

Owners of businesses also can book important meetings with clients or suppliers and always remember when and with whom they need to meet with the help of appointment notification service.

New Skype Platform can also be a hub where businesses can meet with coaches and experts to receive professional advice, watch trainings or webinars which will help them to speed up their business.

Skype in the workspace is aimed at gathering all businesses. The developers of SITW believe that this will stimulate businesses to develop different tools and services, which will help them to grow and develop, regardless of the sphere or location.

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