Be careful: Wedding, love, romance scam

Romance scam - false relations, scam aimed at obtaining financial benefits by playing on the feelings of the victim. The main objective of this type of fraud is to make the victim give their money on their own because of the sincerity of “new friend” intentions. The main thing for a fraudster is to gain access to the victim's money, bank accounts, credit card data, as well as passport data to commit fraud in the future on behalf of the victim.

Fraudsters create false profiles on well-known and most visited dating sites as bait. In most cases, they post photos that were stolen from different profiles of girls from the Internet all over the world (for example from facebook). If you date with someone online try to upload the photo of him/her and use google photo search, and may be you will find this photo some where else on the Internet.

In some cases dating sites are big hoax themselves. They hire good looking girls, make their photos and create their profiles. The work of such “employee” is to communicate with visitors of the website, make friends with them. In the process of communication they make their relations more personal and under various pretexts force men (site users) to buy them gifts, or send cash transfers. The list of presents which the visitor can buy for his “lover” is just posted on the same website.
Actually, she does not receive gifts, “emploee” receives a percentage of the amount spent by a man trying to please his new “girlfriend”.

In both cases users of these websites just pay for nothing and loose their money.

Here are some scam scenarios used by fraudsters to trick you and get your funds:

  • Standard scenario (most used):
    Letters from your new “friend” arrive regularly. But the content of these letters is the same, it seems that you receive sample phrases every time. After a short period of time your “friend” starts to ask money for the Internet, for translation services, to continue the dialogue with you or for language courses to improve his/her language skills to understand you better while communicating with you.
  • Illness scenario:
    When your relationships went on the next stage and you think that you found your Love . Afterwards you receive several e-mails telling you that you are the only men/woman in his/her life and that she/he wants to spend the rest of the life with you. But then you'll get information from your new “friend” telling you that she (her children, parents, relatives) fell ill and she needs money for operation and / or expensive drugs. And as a matter of life and death (no money to pay for it), she turns to you for help. As soon as money received scammer disappears.
  • Hardships in life:
    Stories can only impress and evoke a sense of compassion. But in the end of each letters you will see the same thing - she needs money because:
    - She lost her job because refused to have sex with boss
    - She was robbed on the street and a salary for the month was stolen
    - Her house burned down
    - Her apartment was robbed
    - Her bank has gone bankrupt and all her savings are gone.

The reason why there are so many mail bride scams is simple. There are a lot of ways scammers can get out of the men in search of relations. But from the other hand there are few individuals which can get theis money back once they have been scammed.

If you think that you have become a victim of the scammer please do not leave this situation but inform Internet community about your case. Tell your story to people, warn of possible scam victims about the dangers and do not stay away. As having more information, people won't fall for tricks of fraudsters.

Some cases of fraud that our company faced with:

  • A single lady from US tried to send wire transfer and get Perfect Money funds to her account. Her papers were in order and she verified her account easily. But after she sent wire transfer we received instructions from our security department and they told us to check the purpose of buying e-currency. After we contacted her we recognized that she wanted to send Perfect Money to her “groom” to United Kingdom to pay bills for their wedding. She told us that she did not meet with this man before but she was in love and at that moment he had some difficulties with cash so she wanted to help him pay the bills. We understood that that was scam and told her to contact her bank and ask for refund. Because in case if she send funds to her “groom's” Perfect Money account she will loose her money (and it was quite big sum of Perfect Money). But she did not want to hear anything about this and insisted on processing the order, so we were forced to send her links to the websites which described the same cases of scam. After that she went to her bank and asked for refund. We do not want anyone to scam our members that is why we try to prevent scam cases at the beginning and and prevent the loss of our client's funds.
  • Our permanent member (man) contacted our support team and told us that he wanted to get Perfect Money funds as soon as possible (send money transfer of quite a big amount of money). He was a verified member and had great business with our company but we realized that usually he bought Perfect Money via wire transfer not money transfer (WU/MG). In the second e-mail he told us that he was in a hurry because he wanted to send Perfect Money to woman from Nigeria to buy airplane tickets for her. Reason was the fact that citizens of Nigeria could not get wire or money transfers she told him that she could buy tickets via Perfect Money in her country. As in the previous case we sent same links that show that such cases are scam. As a result our client refused to send funds to that woman but stayed with our service till these days.

These two simple examples show that wedding (love, romance) scam apply not only to money transfers, but also affected the electronic payments.

Dear customers, we appeal to you: “There is no love for money, do not let the scammers play on your feelings and take your funds, be careful and do not trust strangers”.

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