A savvy investor

Money makes money. If you have extra money, you can use it to get more money by investing. There are many ways of investing money on the Internet and getting profit. Some of investment activities require mental efforts and take time but some of them allow you to do nothing and earn money. Yet there is a huge risk to lose everything. However many people do not hurry to invest money using the Internet, they are afraid of being cheated. Dealing with money is always risky, so we will discuss the most popular ways and places for investing, possible risks and profit.

You probably thought about investing for a short or long time, but this idea sounded a little bit scary. You started thinking about recession or the poor state of economy, or any other important external factors, but if we demystify some moments about investing or you will hear success stories, it will certainly inspire you to change your opinion about investment activity.

You can invest from 20$ to hundreds or thousands of dollars. We won't discuss where to invest millions. Investing is a way to make your money work for you. No matter you’ve just started career or ready to retire, you should invest your money wisely being a savvy investor.

  • Forex.
    One of the most popular and profitable places to invest money is Forex - the foreign exchange market and one of the largest markets where one currency is traded for another. So profit is calculated on the difference between buying and selling currency. You can get the profit in 2 cases: when you trade by yourself and with the help of a trustee manager. For independent trade you will need to have some basic economic knowledge, studying the basics of Forex, building your own strategy, stress tolerance and patience. You can find many books, courses, trainings from dealing centers for learning all about Forex, the main thing is your wish. At the beginning it is recommended to train on very small amounts, they are called “cent accounts” (deposit is about 5 USD). Getting more experienced you can invest about 100 USD. Subsequently you can easily earn 20 USD per day. If you decide to use trustee management and trust your funds to traders, you can find trader by yourself or you can address to the dealing centers. In this case all depends on the company conditions but you get minimum risk. It can take some time and effort to find a good dealing center with positive reviews of it.

  • Websites and domains resale.
    Recently such type of business has become popular on the Internet. The essence of the matter is you buy beautiful or nice, in your opinion, domain names and then sell them. Especially it is topical when new domain zones are implemented. Similar situation with websites. Usually people who make money on investing into websites, act the following way: they buy almost “dead” website, invest money to raise the rating and traffic, make it functional and profitable, and sell for a bigger price. If you choose correct strategy and buy a website, which will be topical in the future - risk to loose is minimal.

  • HYIP.
    It is high-yield investment program, let’s say it is type of Ponzi scheme, which means the main advantage of the program is high profit and the main disadvantage is huge risk to loose all the money you invest. Most HYIPs use pyramid scheme and when payouts reach 85%, most of them stop working. There are 2 types of HYIPs: short-term and long-term. In general short-term programs last from week to month and promise big percent, around 5% per day. So the bigger is payout percent - the shorter is the life of the program. It is possible to earn if you deposit money at the beginning and take out money in time. Long-term HYIPs usually exist 1 year. Daily payout will be from 1% to 5%, it depends on the company. When you invest money in long-term HYIP, according to statistics, it is better to take all your money within 1 year and do not pay attention to promises of HYIP owners. Also it is recommended not to invest all your funds in one HYIP. You should find several (3-4) programs, distribute amount among them and act.

  • Startups.
    Investing in startup used to be only for the rich people, moreover if you knew the right people. Those reasons left many potential investors on the side. But nowadays, thank to micro lending, investment sites like microventures.com, it allows you to invest from $1000 to $30.000, or crowd investing platforms such as wefunder.com (start from $100), startups.co.uk (as it is UK company, from £500 to £100,000), kickstarter.com (US) - it’s much easier to become the startup investor. You can spread risk with the help of investing small sums in different startups. This way your chances to pick a winner will increase. As for investment location, most investment companies accept money only within the country they are operating in, so before investing check this information.

  • Online stock investing.
    Whether you are a beginner in investing or an experienced businessman, you can't avoid online stock investing when you search for the best ways of money investing. With a good online stock trading service, you can learn everything you need to know to become a smart investor, and buy and sell stocks online. Especially for the beginners it can be difficult to choose winning stocks, so it is recommended to consider investing in a widely diversified stock mutual fund instead of trying to choose individual stocks. The stock market consists of companies that have put their shares of stock up for public auction. So when you purchase a stock, you actually buy ownership in the particular company. Investments in the stock market start from approximately $100. Before you become a trader you can address to brokerage firm and trust your investment deposit to professionals, then later do it by yourself.
    There are economic risks, inflation and market value risk (market collapses) that can influence your profit. In this case only information, news, analytics and experience will help you. Sign up for financial news such as CNN money, marketwatch.com, bloomberg.com, New York Times Financial News in order to become an educated investor.

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