7 Tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment

The era of window-shopping is spreading to online dimension. There are lots of people who spend hours watching different goods online and never buy them.

Cart abandonment is the process when shoppers browse around online store, pick some merchandise to their shopping carts but never check out at the end. In fact, level of cart abandonment of the web-store can show whether it is successful or not.

Most of e-commerce sites’ visitors abandon their carts and their number only increases. This is related especially to newbies. Mostly they cannot handle the interface of the site and end up with nothing.

According to statistics of 2012 given percentage of people abandon shopping carts due to following reasons:

  • High shopping cost - 44%
  • Not ready to buy - 41%
  • High product price - 25%
  • Unclear shipping costs - 22%
  • No guest checkout option - 14%
  • Complex Checkout process - 11%
  • Website is too slow - 11%
  • Additional costs - 8%
  • Few payment options - 7%
  • Slow shipping - 6%
  • Spam with offers - 6%

  • Abandoned shopping carts are signals that you need to improve overall consumer experience. Here refer shopping as well as checkout processes. Small and mid-sized businesses should make emphasis on converting first-time shopper into long-term and valuable customer. Of course, it is hard to compete in shopping and checkout process optimization with big dot-coms, such as Amazon, which offers one-click ordering process. However these tips can help you acquire and retain customers and help them shop successfully in your online store.

    Tip #1. Make your site easy to navigate.
    Even if you have the best prices, rare goods and low shipping cost, customers won’t shop on your site if it is hard to use. Make navigation as simple as possible.
    • Minimize the number of steps necessary to order a product.
    • Highlight important information and make buttons of shopping and checkout processes more visible.
    • Create the map of your website, which consumers can check to find necessary information.
    • Sort out most Frequently asked questions and analyse what troubles do your customers face most frequently. Create F.A.Q. section and tutorial videos with easy explanations what to do.

    • Tip #2. Don’t prevent ordering more.
      When a customer chooses an items and wants to add it to the shopping cart, make sure that he will return to the place where he was previously. If every time when users add something to shopping cart, they are redirected to the home page, chances are that they will be irritated with this and will never return to using this website.

      Tip #3. Indicate descriptions, prices/fees and shipping costs clearly.
      Disadvantage of online shopping is that customers can’t try out the product or service they buy. So it is better to indicate true-to-life and detailed, still simple, description of your goods and services. It is also important for users to be 100% sure what do they buy, how much does it cost and what will be shipping cost. The more transparent financial side of your service - the better.

      Tip #4. Offer a guest checkout option.
      In most cases registration is compulsory to be able to buy or order something. This will frighten many customers. So it is recommended to allow people to check out as a guest, which can increase your sales. You can enable this option for some small and low-cost goods or services.

      Tip #5. Make it possible to save items in the shopping cart.
      Many customers usually want to check other sites for lower prices, or just browse around Internet and leave this site. Enable the possibility to save items in the cart, for uses to be able to return to it and complete their checkout process.

      Tip #6. Check the speed of your website.
      Usually users do not want to wait if page doesn’t load instantly. So make sure that the speed of your website is high. To increase speed of loading pages, it is better to decrease the usage of graphics on the most essential pages. Also do not overload your website with ads.

      Tip #7. Offer different ways of payment.
      If you offer only 1-2 ways of payment most users will not be satisfied with that. Try to enhance the number of payment options, including the most popular and rapidly developing methods.

      These tips will help you run your ecommerce business successfully. They can help you attract new and keep old customers. Surely there is always work to be done, so even if you follow all these tips, you need to check new trends in ecommerce business.

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