How to recognize fake user reviews

Inevitable part of online shopping is user reviews. This phenomenon is pretty recent. Earlier you could spot “user testimonials” in TV ads and product pages. Word of mouth is strong advertiser’s weapon in war for consumers. Now anyone can easily leave any review and there are almost no filters for posted comments. So how to recognize fake reviews and be protected from buying something you would have never ever thought to buy.

How to spot fake reviews:

  • Extreme tone of the comment. It can be totally praising or dismissing comment. If no disadvantages mentioned: reviewer might have been paid to write it or he is just blinded by loyalty to this brand. The other type of fake reviews are totally bad comments. They can be placed by fans of the opposite brand. This may not be done out of financial purposes, just out of overly attached dedication to some specific brand. All in all, if comment is extremely positive or negative be sure that it is not true to life.

  • Unusual sentences and word choice. Unusual sentence structure - when it is too grammatically correct or is written in broken English - is always suspicious. If the comment is too correct and there are words which are not normally used in everyday speech, but seem to be more like advertising that it is more likely that you read a fake review. On the other hand, if comment seem to be professional but falls short for spelling and grammar, this may be fake too. Many companies hire foreigner freelancers to post fake reviews for their products.

  • Date of the review. Date can show a lot if you know what to look at. Many positive reviews in a short period of time period for the same merchandize would probably be fake. If you spot review, containing manual on the use of the product, published just when the product appeared in stores or in a couple of days, be sure that it is not true. Early user reviews can be expected from highly popular products (games, iPhones, etc.) but also not before the date of their release.

  • Reviewer’s names. In general, fake reviewers do not have time to create true-to-life nicknames, so to spare some time they can produce something like this :”swaggie4784”, “dlkf39348”, “3433ad”.

  • Even when you know evident signs of fake reviews it is still hard to say 100% for sure if it is fake or true. So what should you do in order to not be fooled by fake reviews:

    • Read multiple user reviews. You should read 1-star reviews, 5-star reviews and those which are in between. After reading all various reviews you will have general impression on the product.

    • Trust reviews from multiple sources. You can find same products on different websites. Check reviews on such sites as Fmazon, Yelp, Google, etc. to compare them with each other. Trust well-known and reliable sources more than those websites you have never heard of.

    • Report fake user reviews. Some websites have built-in feature that you can report fake review when you spot one. Not everywhere you can find it, still to report about fake review you can contact support team of website.

    • Place your own reviews. If have something to say about your experience of using a product - write about it! Help people know if it is worth buying.

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