Protect your mobile device when shopping online

Consumers are more and more savvy and now shopping online using PC is already not enough for them. Mobile era has begun. When shopping online regardless which device to use you need to protect yourself from fraudsters and hackers. Especially it is of high value when you store a lot of persona and financial information on your mobile device.

Increase your mobile phone protection. It is recommended to set up password protection, auto-lock feature, encryption of your data (if this feature is available) for your mobile device. Some devices have the following feature - if you input wrong password several times in a row, all data is wiped off your device. It is highly secure and you can always restore all data if you synchronize your mobile device with computer. You can also install app enabling you to lock your device remotely and wipe off all data in case your phone is stolen or lost.

Create strong password for you easy to remember and for others hard to break. With auto-lock feature enabled it will be hard for others to get your personal details without knowing your password.

Smishing. Smishing is a method of stealing personal and financial information. It begins with sms tempting individual to share his / her personal information. The idea of smishing is similar to malicious emails, the difference is only that these are sms messages. You can receive messages like this: “(Name of well-known bank) confirmed that you have purchased tablet from "name of popular company". Visit this link (www.????.com) and if you didn’t make this purchase online.

The URL addresses you receive are the “hook” to gain your important data. Never use URL or call phone numbers if you suspect that this is smishing sms. Use contacts which you have on file from required financial institution.

Use reliable sources. When downloading / purchasing apps for your device use software from reliable and well-known sources. If you download software from not well-known source, you should do at least some research. Usually users leave reviews on apps. Read them all carefully and inspect if it is worth downloading. When using mobile banking apps check that your app is developed by our financial institution.

Another important aspect you should mention when downloading third party apps - permission for access for your personal information. When you download or update apps always read permission requests. There can be unusual requests or claim for money.

Use and update security software. It is recommended to have anti-virus software installed. It can protect your phone from malicious intrusion. Do not forget or skip regular updates of anti-virus app, as number of viruses only increases.

Also you should be very careful with open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections in public places. Do not connect your phone to untrusted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sources. The other tip to stick to is to be attentive with your social media presence. Do not disclose in social networks sensitive personal or financial information.

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