What to choose: promotion on the social networks or through the website?

Today many companies use social networks for promotion. We can find lots of recommendations, books, articles devoted to this topic. But do they really work or it is better to use upgraded website to reach magnificent results in promotion?

Recently owners of both small and large business understood that joining the social ranks will bring more customers, consequently they have increased their marketing effort toward social media. Experts assert that nowadays around 60% of company's image and reputation is formed in social media and in the nearest future this index will increase to 90%. No doubt that social networks have huge influence on company's activity. Representatives of some companies think that influence of online instruments will peak in 3-5 years and after this will go down. Everything in business (actually business itself) has periods of growth, peak and slump, so such evaluation of social network influence is enough well-grounded.

Most used online instruments are website and social network.

Bet on social network.
Social network enjoys wide popularity among people and it is unlikely that it will slacken speed for the further years. It may concede a little to some new ways of advertising or commerce activity (currently this is mobile commerce) but it will stay popular anyway. Such analysis was made by marketing specialists. According to survey by the age on February 2012:
*18-34 --- 27%
*35-49 --- 28%
*50-64 --- 22%
So people aged 18 - 49 are permanent active users of social network, so the audience is quite big for introducing services or products. As all young people directly connect their life with social networks, so looking for a job, 90% of people are interested in reputation of company and what people say about this organization.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs are often used for providing information, news, announcements to the customers and potential consumers, they are also used as an advertisement area (banners, pictures, links, audio/video promotions). It is great way to communicate with consumers and receive various reviews. They can be bad or good but both of them describe position of business in society and give chance to analyse results of business activities. With the help of social media there is a possibility “to hear” from users what is necessary to add, remove or improve. Of course there is no guarantee that every customer's wish will be implemented but the most desirable ones will be considered and discussed. All in all the result of using social media is positive feedback from customers and increase of website traffic.

Bet on site.
There are many advantages for business and for brand promotion in social networks but despite this fact lots of companies still rely on website promotion. Representatives of such companies simply explain this fact: website contains all necessary information for clients, there is company's/market's news, description of products and services, contact details etc. Increasing the activity in social media has the meaning for those companies which products can become a reason for heated discussion.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to attract people for heated discussion, it’s quite enough to introduce your company, advertise products/services you offer and if your customer comes back - that’s a good result. The more people know your service - the more clients you have. The main goal of presence in social network is not just to advertise but to make the clients become subscribers for your service. If customer is willing to know about your company's news, hot offers, rates or any new offers from your service - that’s the result, because usually it is interesting for permanent customers.

Some of the companies doubt that they can adequately work with different complaints online or cope with similar discussions. If organization wants to stay in touch with its consumers, it is recommended to find a way to overcome fear (or just unwillingness).

Update website from time to time, develop magnificent design, put relevant content, use search engines to promote your website, do not forget to post news, and hot offers - that’s regular recommendations but quite significant. Graphic content plays essential role as world becomes more connected through photos and pictures. Consumers watch attractive pictures with big pleasure, so if it is possible place beautiful images, go ahead. In addition, provide mobile version of your website (also if it is possible for type of your service), because with increase of smartphone usage nowadays, m-commerce becomes popular.

It is not important which online instruments you choose for your business promotion either website or social media, more important is how you use it - that plays significant role.

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