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The popularity of online loans across the globe is clear. Online loans become the only way of salvation for many online retailers or even simple customers. Loans solve the problem related to money. All over the globe online loans are accessible for everyone who needs money urgently.

It is easy to explain the popularity and demand on online loans service. Consumers may need them any time: need extra money for shopping or your car is broken, or you need money for present, whatever has happened to you and you need cash - voilà! You can take a loan. Most banks have standard requests for borrowers - salary statement, circumstances, credit card history and etc., also generally they are not set up to help you with such financial emergency. Borrowing money online usually you can be of any age, you do not need to show all regular requests which were listed above, that’s why millions of people resort to the help of such a convenient service. Simplicity and speed are prime benefits of online loans. Of course, some of them can inquire documents as it’s requested at banks but not all of online loan services do it.

Short term cash loans can be processed in few minutes the transaction may be executed by a borrower from a personal computer. Privacy is maintained and any info is protected from opening it to relatives or friends, at the same time when other loan institutions will work another way.

Under most circumstances, borrowers do not need strong credit score but the loan is based on past money management behaviours, which is quite normal. If you borrow money for the first time and then give it back according to conditions it will create good impression of your money management. Your computer or laptop is part of your everyday life, for this reason some loan companies have already implemented Android or iPhone apps for consumers to request loans. It makes the process much faster and easier.

There are about 100 sites that have been working successfully over the last five years offering people to lend them money. Here are some of them:

Many companies offer to insure your loans, it covers your loan payments. Generally it works for long term loans. Loan insurance can help you to protect your loan repayments in case you become unemployed or in case of your death, or you are hospitalised and etc.

You’ve probably heard the old proverb “The other side of the coin”? So here we go - using online loans you need to be careful and don’t be carried away by opportunity of borrowing money. No matter how easy and fast it works but it is debt, which you need to return in time. Use such excellent service when you need money really urgently. The other reason - high rates of interest. For urgency and convenience you need to pay. One guy has had a rough lesson. He took £100 from online loan company for going out with friends, few days later he paid back, everything was great. The first time he liked it and the next month he borrowed money again. That guy started to use other loan sites just to pay one company back. Ten months later £100 debt had grown into £7,500.

We’ve mentioned above that age of a person who takes the loan can be different. Online loans can really help in some situations but at the same time they can be aggressively oriented towards young consumers on the Internet.

You can't but agree with the fact that online loans are very comfortable, simple to get and flexible for everybody. Having such an opportunity is great, but you've got to have “a good head on your shoulders”.

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