Growing usage of mobile devices motivates online retailers to move to mobile

Appearance of new trend in 2012 makes e-commerce retailers move to mobile. Recently many retailers could say that they would only think about optimizing their e-commerce business for mobile customers, but today almost all of them understand that they must do it.

Let’s take last year as the example, the situation was totally different because e-commerce trends focused on social integration and customer analytics. This year building website for those who shop using laptop or computer is almost over. This 2012 year is all about mobile customers.

If you're not mobile - you're simply not competitive. If you are not mobile, your e-commerce business will lose customers and sales. At this moment competitors provide their clients with comfortable mobile shopping. This is what you think about!

Why e-commerce retailers have to move to mobile?
The reason is clear - growing usage of mobile devices. Nowadays quantity of people who use smartphones and tablets is bigger and bigger. Using mobile devices your potential or permanent customers do almost everything what is possible to perform over the Internet: emailing, researching, comparing prices and finally purchasing. Mobile devices open hundreds possibilities for people to do different things on the Internet.

It is not surprising that the number of smartphone users growing to one hundred million people in US only. Let’s add other countries to this quantity and we will see it becomes bigger every month. Especially it is significant fact for international e-commerce companies. So mobile customers as potential consumers will be glad to use that services which have a possibility to provide them mobile service. It’s kind of explosion coming from smartphones and tablets users.

You have to adjust your online business - from the way you design your website to the time you should expect sales volume - to be successful this year. For e-commerce business in particular for websites growing demand on purchasing through mobile devices changes a lot or even everything.

Online business has 2 types of most used devices: smartphones and tablets. Difference of browsing e-commerce sites on computer and on mobile device is in the size of screen, so first of all they have to think about reducing screen size and limited capabilities of mobile device browsers.
According to some resource and research, 30% of tablet owners use their device to shop online and currently only 25% of smartphone owners use their phone for the same things.

Summing up all information, the following conclusion can be drawn: necessity of adjusting your service for mobile phones is getting as much important as having a website if you are doing e-commerce business; providing mobile version for tablets is much easier than for smartphones, but if you still have not launched mobile version of your service, this is the year do it or lose your customers - your choice.

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