Marketing trends for businesses in 2013

Successful marketing company of a business can skyrocket sales. Every year there are some trends to follow to always go hand in hand with development of technologies and carefully follow current customer needs. Here are the most popular marketing trends of 2013.

Big data

Big data lets businesses learn a lot of information about their clients. Here refer information about visitor behaviour, posts in social networks, digital pictures and videos on the Web, as well as data about purchases online and some local-based data.

Big data became trend in 2012, and doesn’t lose its position in 2013. Collecting, analysing and using big data is essential for businesses. Do you want to offer clients those products that fit their needs, interests, inclinations? Go ahead, Big Data is at your service.


Mobile is one of the most popular ways of consumption now. While other channels decrease in their popularity. Mobile apps, special mobile websites, and advertisement are going to be standard for doing business. Are you planning new marketing strategy? Forget not to include mobile channel in the list!


This point refers a lot to the Big Data. Still personalization is much more profound. With the help of personalization businesses can track location, click behaviour, device detection, etc. This information may help marketeres understand not only what does a client want to do, but also where and how (device and location detection).

Multichannel reach and responsive interface

Currently consumers can shop using their laptops, smartphones, tablets. They receive information via emails, phones, TVs and many other devices. When a lot of channels are available, importance of modular content is especially high. Businesses should target their efforts at modular content and responsive interface optimized for any device.

Modular approach (“create once - publish everywhere”) makes sure that your content is used to its fullest. But customer needs should also be taken into account. Content modules should be based on purpose, priorities, relationship (between content). So don’t just pour all content that you’ve got on your client.


Logo “Social, Local, Mobile” reflects how customers interact. With mobile development, marketers will increasingly address these three items, so that content meets expectations of target audience. Social media and location information can than provide real-time mobile engagement and promotion.

Expand borders

It is already useless to rely on “Share it” button on the website. Businesses will make much effort to reach customers via social networks, blogposts, e-books, podcasts, articles, infographics. Marketers will make sure that customers can hear company’s message on the websites they visit.

Mentioned trends are to follow by businesses to create successful marketing strategy. Choose all of them or the most acceptable for your business, mix them up, improvise.

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