Social networks sales are falling but mobile commerce is up

According to the data about sales online in the second quarter of 2012 year, mobile commerce has grown by 1.8% and reached almost 16% of the total value of virtual sales. While mobile commerce increases little by little, social network sales are going down and for the same period of time they decreased by 20%. Now social network sales is 1.9% of total online sales value.

In the course of research there was made a conclusion: with growth of usage of mobile devices maintaining full-fledged connection to the Internet increases the quantity of online shoppers. Actually there is nothing strange if we are talking about shopping online. Presence of gadget, connected to the Internet, allows you to buy almost everything you want, which makes your life easier.

The official beginning of mobile commerce was in 1997 in Helsinki, payments were made from cell phones via SMS text messaging technology. There’s no doubt that today mobile technology opens new markets for the e-commerce business. Some experts even call this year - a year of mobile commerce. With computer connected to the Internet at home you have a possibility to purchase stuff online, but mobile device with access to the network enables you to shop online even sitting in the bus on the way home. E-commerce business owner should know that mobile commerce must be safe, reliable and as easy as online shopping service, because most respondents expect the mobile experience to be at least as good as their experience in using laptop or desktop computer.

The problem which people can face is low level of mobile service or unstable Internet connection, in countries where these services are not available or not widespread. But technology goes ahead and day by day the quantity of people who use mobile for shopping enlarges.

Mobile commerce is one of the main topics in retail. Retailers are trying to find out the best way to serve this market while consumers turning their smartphones into shopping aids. Advantage in availability to shop online is saving precious time. For example, when you buy tickets online, many ticket providers send the electronic ticket directly to customer’s mobile phone. It enables an instant delivery and besides time saving, it spares paper and postage time. To advertise your product directly to the customers use mobile technology in addition to your regular tools. The owner of smartphone probably uses it for checking Twitter or Facebook account only but he/she will see the advertisement, and there is one step left to the purchase action - to click “buy”. Recently Facebook has published the results of research and according to the survey, more than half of users (total quantity of them is about 500 millions) use their tablets or smartphones to log into accounts, and they are more active than the users logging in traditional way. M-commerce - it’s what happens now and what you need to use to get good results in retail. Sms, mms, mobile email delivery and other tools for providing excellent mobile service will help you to improve online retail.

Consumers often look for nearby places where they can buy necessary stuff, so for local users you can place a map on your website which will be accessible for mobiles. One of the recommendations is to create your own app that user can download, add an advertisement in these apps which consumer will be watching while using this application. Offer easy mobile accessible content to users: text, pictures and even links, they have to be convenient for mobile usage. Do not forget about the main essence of mobile devices - phone function. So using one of the mobile marketing rule, provide phone consultation or service support by phone.

People together with technology strive for perfection in everything. M-commerce allows people to perform a lot of things on-the-go: buying, selling goods/services, conduct business and implement transactions. It gives you a chance to do whatever you need online if you are connected to the Internet, no matter where you are - at the park or in the cafe. Technology removes all the limitations or barriers, m-commerce gains strength, so use this opportunity!

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