How to improve e-commerce website

Any e-commerce website needs regular improvements. As a rule, websites influence on the customers’ attitude and their return to this service or online store. These easy tips can help you improve your website.


Make sure that you have chosen appropriate layout for your website. There exist numerous types of layouts: from simple to more complicated. Many layouts are targeted at showing impressive images and minimum of text. It is up to you to decide whether such strategy is good for your website or not. The layout which is commonly used is two- or three-column layout. It is preferred by visitors, as it is easier to understand.


Use only those pictures which refer to the content of your website. Do not insert random pictures, just because they are beautiful. Remember, animated pictures and blinking or scrolling text are in the past. They distracts visitors’ attention too much. Besides visitors can skip important information while reading this page because of visual distraction.


Fonts play important part in the life of any website. There exist large amount of different fonts, So the first rule is to use not more than 3 types of fonts. If you use more, your site might look cheap. The second rule, try to use standard font families, like Helvetica, Vernada, Arial and Sans-serif. These fonts look strict and professional. Sans-serif is one of the most easily perceived font families.


Placing ads on your page can bring you money. And vice verse, lots of ads (especially blinking ones) on the site distract visitors’ attention and may even irritate them. More money can be lost than earned. Google proves that the less - the better. There is no ads on Google’s home page. Google uses only text ads, which are not so distracting.

Shorten your page length

Users decide do they like the page or not during first 3 seconds. Don’t make your visitor’s wait. Optimize the speed of the web pages. It is better to use short pages, e.g. 11 Kb long. They will have great loading time and users will be satisfied.

Content visibility

According to eye-tracking studies visitors do not read all the text which is displayed on the page. Attention is paid to the upper-left corner of the page. Insert there the most important information and users will most likely notice it.


In the headings make first 2 words count. Users tend to read only the beginning of the heading, if it is not too long and not too boring they can read even the whole article. either it is an article, or it is some information, place the most important words in the beginning of the sentence.

Text arrangement and formatting

Arrange your text as bulleted list. Readers comprehend information arranged in such a way better. According to researches readers are more attentive to text formatting (e.g. bolding or italics). So you can outline key-words with bolding or italics.


Divide text into blocks. Sufficient space between characters, words, lines and text blocks directly affects visitors ability to read and comprehend your text fast. Use margins, appropriate letter- and word-spacing and text division as space influences crucially on your content legibility.

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