How to choose the best e-currency exchanger

Electronic money appeared not that long ago, but it has already become a part of the lives of many people who use banking services on a daily basis. More and more people prefer to pay for goods and services via Internet, and it is difficult to overestimate the importance of electronic money for those who work in the cyberspace.

Today there are many payment systems which make it possible to transfer money online. All of them have their own terms and conditions of its use. Although each can decide which payment system is more convenient, sometimes you have a need to exchange money between two different payment systems. But payment systems practically never cooperate with each other, that is why you have to use online currency exchange services. There arises the problem of choosing the service that would be low fee and reliable at the same time. According to experts, there is a small number of exchangers, which correspond to all the rules. We will tell you how to choose the best e-currency exchanger, which will be your reliable partner for many years.

In fact, there are a few rules of choosing online currency exchange service, but having read them you will be able to avoid many problems:

1. First of all, pay attention to the protocol of a web site. The web page address must start with https instead of http. It gives you a guaranty that an exchanger will not be hacked, and your money will not disappear in an unknown direction. Unfortunately, some of the popular exchangers are not using a security protocol, apparently relying that some web sites will not come in sight of hackers. In fact, these online currency exchange services are working at their own risks, jeopardizing their users. But you must pay attention to a web site protocol because an exchanger may be the most honest and recommended, but the constant threat of a cyber attack hangs over it, and it is only a matter of time.

2. Perfect Money payment system has its own system of evaluation of best e-currency exchangers. Use the services of those who has Trust Score (TS) number bigger than 2000. Webmoney payment system has similar way of assessment, where the rate is called the business level (BL). Note: if the exchanger is not working with Webmoney or Perfect Money, TS and BL will have a dash. Even if you do not need to do an exchange with one of these two systems, their evaluation of the service could be helpful anyway.

3. Bring to notice the domain name of a web site. Online currency exchange services which are designed for long-term work, can not run on a free hosting. To get to know this you should look at the domain name: if it is divided into two parts with the point (for example, - it is a second-level domain. If the name of the site is divided into three parts with two points (for example,, it is a third-level domain. The best e-currency exchanger can have only a second-level domain.

  • 4. Using the service WHOIS, you can also find the useful information: the date of domain registration and its expiration date. This will give you an idea how long the site works and how far-reaching plans of its owners.

    5. Read reviews about the service you are interested in. Unfortunately, not all of them are written by honest people. But we wrote the article how to recognize fake reviews. That should help you.

    6. Check several black lists whether they have online currency exchange service you want to use. On the Internet there are many web sites that post the lists of unscrupulous e-currency exchangers.

    In addition, you should note that one of the possible fraud schemes could be a complete copy of the popular online-exchanger: fake web site can have the same interface, similar name and even support. In general, everything is done to create the appearance of working service. There are web resources which work is aimed at warning users of the potential threats of particular web sites. Certainly, you should use:

    - contains a database of web sites that have been caught in phishing;
    - scans the resource for viruses, in addition has the function of checking suspicious files on your computer;
    - warns if a website sending spam and malicious scripts;
    - analyzes the reputation and security of the site.

    Be sure to observe these simple rules choosing the best e-currency exchangers. In such way you will never have a negative experience dealing with exchange services.

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