9 Hot e-commerce trends in 2013

E-commerce is developing more and more each year. In 2012 we witnessed astonishing rise of e-commerce. The next year, 2013, is going to heat it up even more. We have made a list of trends for the next year, which it is recommended to follow to drive successful online business.

Multichannel Retailing.

E-commerce becomes more and more omnichannel. It is already not enough to run your business in brick-and-mortar store only, or to be just online. Businesses mix and blend ways they can reach customers. Besides, nowadays people purchase stuff with their mobile phones or tablets more often. We behold the era of mobile commerce and tablet commerce. Portable devices (like mobile phone and tablet) make it possible for you to shop in any part of the world, so this trend is very promising. To follow it, online retailer should have mobile application. It is even better if online retailers optimize their websites for mobile phones or tablets.

Social Media.

Promotion through social media is nothing new to e-commerce businesses. Still it will only continue to expand. It is almost impossible already to imagine prosperous e-commerce business without page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. There appear more and more social networks, which help with product promotion. Ecom businesses use social media not only for promotion, but to gather more information about target audience. Social media is an inseparable element of successful marketing company.

User-friendly shopping experience.

Simplicity in shopping experience is a must. Shoppers always seek for the easiest ways to make purchases regardless whether they shop in-store or online. Try to optimize your web-store or service to fit the requirements of time. Simplicity has to be everywhere, starting with web-interface of your site, and ending up with checkout process.


It is trendy to introduce personalization in the sphere of e-commerce. Emails, sales alerts or different product suggestions should contain information about offers which match the interests of a particular user. This strengthens customers’ loyalty and desire to shop at particular place, where they are always welcome visitors.

Always up-to-date content.

Content is an important part of your e-commerce website. It has to be constantly fresh and relevant. Either these are descriptions of products or sales promotions and news there has to be no old data. Besides you can run your e-commerce business blog or news column. Your creativity and ability to be in the picture can attract additional attention to your online store or service, which is another pleasant benefit.

Themed Collections.

Nowadays there is no need to take your friend with you to shop. You can take the whole social network with you. Such social networks as Pinterest enable users to create their personal collections with images of things they want to purchase. This is especially appropriate for apparel industry or wedding organization. Users can create themed collections to share with friends and get their advice and opinion about the choice.

Increasing number of specialized retailers.

There has been a tendency to move from huge mass-market stores to specialized retail points. It is relevant for both types of commerce: brick-and-mortar and online. Moving back from mass-marketing retailing to specialized one is determined by the fact that stores can offer more profound and personal service and customer support. Besides in such stores shoppers can find lots of highly specialized things, which can be rarely encountered at mass-marketing stores.

New ways to pay.

It is already not enough to have 1 or 2 methods of payment available at your online store or service. Increasing and combining number of payment options is trendy. The more ways to pay you offer - the better.

Usage of trends in your business is good. Combining different trends and experimenting with them is better. Being the one who makes trends is the best. We wish you inspiration and persuasion in the next year! Stay with us, be the best!

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