Gamification of e-commerce

Gamification is the new trend in e-commerce. It is widely used for attracting new and retaining old customers. In general, gamification is the process of applying gaming techniques to totally non-gaming spheres and context.

Gamification is also a strong weapon in the war for clients’ loyalty. Gamification implies that users are more into your brand, they spend more time on your website and it affects revenue in future.

Gamification and personalization walk hand in hand. Before launching gamification for all users without any separation, consider that not all users find same game techniques as appealing and interesting as others. Many men, many minds. Companies should also think about their long-term goals of the business and their customers. According to the latter, companies are to choose definite gaming techniques which will target exact goals and definite audience.

There are many different ways to “gamify” your service. Various tasks can be created for your user in return for a reward. Here is the list of the most popular, which can benefit your service.

Referral programs
This is the most widespread gaming technique. User refers his friend or friends and receives bonus. As a bonus companies should provide something really necessary, maybe a discount or some services that people can use. When a bonus is offered to the referred friends too - effect of this program is tripled!

General order value
There is nothing innovative in offering customers a reward when total order value reaches definite amount. If company wants to gamify it properly, it involve different tasks for users to accomplish to receive reward.

Number of purchases
In the core of this technique lies principle - "The more you buy - the more you get". By offering your customers to buy specific number of goods and receive tempting enough reward you can either boost your sales or strengthen customers' loyalty and customer retention.

Social engagement
Some companies offer bonus points for such actions as product review, comments, answers to questions and sharing information about the company with friends in social networks. You can also help your customers learn more details about your service by asking questions about the work of your service. The first person who will answer correct is to receive additional points.

Despite gamification is a great tool to engage your clients, companies shouldn’t treat it as “panacea”. Gamification should have some limits, it should be “seasonal” not all year round. All in all, it can end up with negative result - when your clients will be interested in your service only when you have something to give them in return. Besides, it has to be constantly analyzed to see whether it has given any profit to the company, in fact, or not.

Gamification is useful not only for your customers. Companies can also involve employees in gamification. This process will make work fun, productive, innovative, diverse and rewarding for the staff.

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