Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - great way to connect with your online customers.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will help your e-commerce business to broaden your activity fields.These social apps will help you to spread information, share content and link to your potential customers, moreover it can help to save time and be socially successful.

The best way to connect to your customers - to communicate with them. Fortunately we have more than enough resources for this - social networks or social media. Turn communication into interactive dialogue among individuals and doesn’t matter whether you do it via Facebook or Twitter but consider the most effective for you. In the beginning you can use all these networks and a little later you will be able to analyse which is the most profitable for your e-commerce business.

Think before you sync accounts of all three big networks
Before syncing your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, consider and check in details each service and examine how to use it. Most e-commerce companies find a way to use each social service for different reasons. For instance, messages in your Twitter can be used for short but important news or for providing links to the important pages of your site. LinkedIn has over 10 millions registered users (2011 year) from USA and Europe. This website allows registered users to create and maintain the list of business contacts. This way you can share info about your business among professional people or even find partners and workers for your e-commerce business. And finally - Facebook, the best way to share any information among potential or permanent customers of your e-commerce service.

So there is the difference in sharing content and auto-syncing accounts between this tree giant networks - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Syncing means you send the exact same message to all three services at one time as a single post. That’s why it should be a short message or news. Consequently to become a socially successful e-commerce company you have to take the time to be unique and creative.

Sharing information is a good way to post notifications, redirect users to articles or blog posts on your website. Also it’s excellent for posting some special announcements because big audience is opened in front of you.

Controlling Facebook, LinkedIn activity and Twitter
The main reason why you should use social control tools is because they give you possibility to share necessary info and/or sync accounts at any moment you need it. Let’s imagine you have small staff or you plan to travel but the same time you need to keep your social activity because you want to be a socially successful. In this case social apps give you an option to get frequent updates on each social service faster than you can think. Syncing social accounts you even do not need to log in and update each one manually.

So how to link Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn manually?
First of all login to Facebook and use Facebook's Twitter app to link your Facebook page with Twitter account. According to the instructions in the account, test is auto-syncing. It’s easy, you just need to post on Facebook and check your Twitter account to be convinced of appearing the information in both places. When you have Facebook and Twitter already connected, log in to your LinkedIn profile. Choose Edit Profile, provide your Twitter name, choose Manage your Twitter Settings. Now you need to check if Twitter account displays on your LinkedIn profile. Do not forget to save all settings. Check how new settings run and let your e-commerce business be socially successful.

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