Is Facebook Graph Search really helpful for e-commerce?

Recently Facebook has launched their own innovative way of searching - Graph Search.

Graph Search developers stress that there is difference between Web search and Graph Search. In fact it lies in the way they search. Web search grounds on the search on key words, meanwhile Graph Search is targeted at searching on whole sentences or phrases. So Graph Search based on keywords like “travelling” or “coffee shops” will be unsuccessful. And if you type in “Who loves travelling to Europe?” or “Which coffee shops do my friends prefer?” - you will receive an answer.

Also Facebook Graph Search works on Facebook only, not throughout the Web.

As Mark Zuckerberg mentioned people always search, but they search not only for friends. This is potentially strong tool for reaching brand’s pages or other businesses’ pages.

Here are some ways how Graph Search can be used for e-commerce marketing.

Expanding word of mouth

Imagine such situation: someone wants to buy present for a teenage girl, but doesn’t know what. Graph Search is always at hand and with simple sentence “What friends of X like?” person can get lots of ideas what to present.

With Graph Search brands and businesses expand their influence on people’s minds. People see that their friends like this or that particular brand. They ask themselves, why haven’t I tried it so far as it is so popular among the others. So optimize your brand or business page for Graph Search and it may bring you a lot of success.

Personal and merchandising research

E-commerce businesses marketers can find out what people who liked this business (brand, product, etc.) also like - which brands, celebrities, places to visit, and so on. This can be helpful to learn how to merchandise emails and home pages, improve cross-sell associations or develop marketing personas.

Improve your advertising strategies on Facebook

With Graph Search e-commerce marketers can analyze which brands people who like [your brand/business] also like. And target their ads to people who like those brands (interests, music, films, products, etc.)

Facebook Graph Search Optimization

To optimize your business page for Graph Search it is recommended to get as much content as possible. Businesses should not only add Like buttons to their main page and product pages. They should post as much content on their Facebook pages which provokes people to share it with friends. For more information on social networks check our previous posts here and here .

Future success of Facebook Graph Search is unpredictable. There are possibilities for e-commerce to use it for promotion, but the question is whether Facebook users will actually use it as well.

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