Build secure and convenient e-commerce website or What e-com website should contain

Today everything in the e-commerce world is about security and convenience. It is essential for e-commerce websites to be simple and understandable. Since clients can’t perceive what they buy or order, maximum information about merchandise or services has to be displayed on the website. It is also has to be seen that this website is secure and verified by others.

Do you have e-commerce website? Do you puzzle your head over the question how to make your e-commerce website successful, boost your sales and attract more and more trusted customers? Stake on showing your customers trust and convenience and you will succeed. How to do this read below.


1. SSL certificate

When people spend money, they want to make it as securely as it is only possible. Use SSL certificate to encrypt pages where all payment transactions are made. SSL is used to encrypt personal information from stealing your data. Besides SSL certificate verifies that this is a safe website, not a fishing one.

2. Trustmarks

Trustmarks are small logos which state that this website was confirmed by the third party as reliable and appropriate for shopping online. To trustmarks’ providers refer McAfee, Network solutions, BBB, Verisign, GeoTrust and some other companies. This tiny logo gives your customers confidence in using this site and share personal information there. Make sure that trustmark is clearly displayed on your website.

3. Clear prices and fees

Many people can order your merchandise or services from abroad. It is always wonderful when customers can check the whole price of what they order. It assures them that there will be no hidden or unexpected fees, and this fact therefore indicates that this is not a scam site.

4. Precise descriptions and large images

Would you like to buy pig in the poke? Nobody would. So it is vitally important to place precise and quality descriptions of all goods and services. For e-commerce websites, which sell the actual goods, is recommended to place images of their merchandise. They should be of high definition, made form different angles, big sized. It’ll help your customers be sure what they buy.

5. Social media engagement

Accounts in different social media networks, YouTube and Google+ channels of e-commerce website are great not only for your products’ promotion or CTR improvement. They also are signals for your clients that you are reachable. Customers can leave comments on your work and productivity. There they can meet other people that use your site too and share impressions with each other.


6. Website structure

Customers should be able to reach all necessary information from any page. Do not hide such information as hot fees, exclusive prices, news, as well as login/register box, contact us box, shopping cart icon, search bar and the site map. The fact that these elements should be displayed doesn’t mean that they all have to be on the main page. Think over how can you link them to the main page, so that users access freely.

7. Payment system icons

E-commerce website deals with plenty of customers. And each of them has its own payment systems preferences. It is recommended to use as wide spectrum of payment systems as you only can. Place payment systems icons on the main page, so that users could instantly see how they can pay here.

8. Fast and attentive support team

Make sure that your clients can contact you and clear out all their questions. Place contact information in plain sight, so that customers can easily find it. Fast response, individual approach of support team and their effective help will also build trust to your website.

9. F.A.Q. and tutorial videos

Website should also contain general information about your website and tutorial videos which help on how does it. Users should always be able to check it if they cannot reach support team or just do not want to.


And so here you have most essential tips for your e-commerce website improvement. These minor tips will help you create perfect online presence and attract future customers.

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