Get more information about electronic currency (Perfect Money, C-Gold, SolidTrust Pay etc.)

In fact all electronic currencies are “online payment systems” which allow you to send/receive transfers instantly any amount to a person or a company all over the world. It could be just a gift or a payment for goods or a service that person needs.

The Main benefits you get from using one of the payment system:

  • Online payment systems have no borders. You can send any sum to any person (company that accepts one of the payment system) in the world .
  • The payments arrive instantly to the receiver's account, sender/receiver does not need to wait extra time or provide any additional documents for confirmation of the payments.
  • If you compare fees for transaction you will recognize that they are much lower than bank's or credit card's fees.
  • There are no charge-backs because all payments are irrevocable. Earn funds, pay for services or goods, load your e-account or withdraw funds to cash and do not think about high bank fees.

Who? Where? Why use e-currency?:

  • Person-to-person payments
  • Payroll
  • Bill payments
  • Business-to-business payments
  • E-commerce
  • Point of service sales
  • Charitable donations
  • Gifts or Presents

The main difference between electronic currencies.

The way in which online payment systems are accounted is the main difference. On the one hand payment systems accounted in one of the national currencies and from the other hand they are accounted in weight of metal (gold / silver).

For example Perfect Money USD are accounted in USD. In case if you are the owner of Perfect Money USD account with amount of 1000 on your balance then your account value is 1000$ USD. But if your account is C-Gold or Pecunix it means that your balance accounted in weight of metal (gold / silver) and you have number of units of metal but not the national currency. For example if you have an e-gold account with a balance amount of 1000 it means that you have 1000 troy oz and it is some equivalent of gold.

Perfect Money

PerfectMoney Inc Company possesses financial license of A-class for the performance of operations with finances of third parties and precious metals.

The place of registration of PerfectMoney Inc is the Republic of Panama.

Company provides its Customers with the opportunity to use some virtual money tokens equal to real money deposited by Company Customer into his/her account in Perfect Money in the electronic sphere.

Company deals with such transaction formats as: B2B, B2C, C2B, P2P.

Company provides an opportunity to enter money into a System account by converting it at depositing stage into an electronic equivalent of precious metal at the internal rate.

Deposits and withdrawals of money can be performed by means of the international money transfer Systems and via bank transfer.

The System provides an opportunity for the persons involved in electronic commerce to receive payments for goods and services in Perfect Money currency, by installing the System Merchants on their electronic trade sites.


Commerce Gold (C-Gold) is a project of Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited, a Seychelles company (est. 2005, cert. 024795) that specializes in the development and operation of online market places and e-commerce platforms.

While Private Gold Equities Exchange Limited operates the business, customer support, storage and redemption are outsourced to CyFro Associates Sdn. Bhd., of Penang, Malaysia.

CyFro Associates Sdn. Bhd. is a joint subsidiary and corporate headquarters of the CyberFrontier Group of companies, which have been active in the fields of e-commerce, web application development and hosting, as well as management & consulting, since 1991.

All physical Commerce Gold shops are operated by independent franchisees of the Commerce Gold network (contact us for the latest list of shops).

The weight-based balance of your holdings account represents the exact amount of your claim on the overall gold stored for C-Gold users.

Holding account users who apply their accounts for commercial purposes are obliged to comply with the KYC and AML legislation, the rules in the jurisdiction of their respective residence, as well as the rules of the residence of their respective customers.

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