The 3 C’s of customer service, which is now social too

Every Internet user has at least once contacted support team to find out some details. Either you have negative or positive experience it actually affected your further impression about this service. So, customer support is as necessary as, in fact, those services which you provide. There are 3 C's of great customer service:

Consumer needs

Great customer support has to meet needs of customers. All requests that you get have to be attended. Pay attention to every inquiry that you receive. Do not leave the least question unanswered.


Be clear to your customers. Speak their language. Be able to answer in simple and understandable manner even to the most difficult questions. Also it is important to provide omnichannel ways of reaching your support team. Leave your customers choice to decide - whether to email, contact via Skype, ICQ, via social networks or call by phone to find out more information.


This is the essence of any customer support service. Deliver proper information or provide ways how the customers can check it by themselves. This has to be made as fast as you can. If it is possible provide 24/7 support, if not provide live chat during business hours and make it possible to reach you while you are offline.

Now when most online services are present in social networks, it is also necessary to provide great social customer service. Just consider these facts:

1) To replace a dissatisfied customer costs 5 times as much as to retain a customer.
2) Negative experience which your customers receives, travels faster through the Web than positive reviews.
3) Customers are more inclined to share their negative impressions in social networks than traditional retail outlets.

Social networks can be utilized not only for marketing purposes, but also to show your customers that you care about providing help and support. Now when there are more than 900 million active Facebook users and people leave more than 250 million tweets per day, you just cannot leave comments on our page unattended.

Tips for social customer service to maintain your brand

  • Constantly monitor your social network page to give prompt reply to your audience. Of course, it is possible maintain 24/7 online presence on your social network page.
  • Reply friendly to positive messages as well as to negative ones. Do not leave any comment without reply.
  • Establish standards to answering your customers, e.g. special time that can take a respond to an inquiry and obligatory follow-up till the question is resolved.

  • Improve your customer service in order to prevent negative comments before they happen and build positive attitude to your service by following these helpful pieces of advice.

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