Customer reviews on e-commerce website: why they are important?

User reviews are very helpful for e-commerce websites. More than 60% users, according to statistics, base their decision to use particular e-commerce website on customer reviews. Other benefits of having customer reviews on e-commerce website are higher conversion rates, strengthened customer trust, optimized SEO, increasing sales and engaged customers. Many e-commerce businesses implement user reviews to gain bigger revenue. Lets check benefits of user reviews in details.

Become trustful

Researches revealed very interesting statistics. Apparently people trust 12 times more to user reviews than description on e-commerce website. Other study shows that 30% of visitors think that reviews are fake if they cannot find negative reviews. Also customers who spend much time to find bad reviews, are more likely to convert (bring profit to the e-commerce business) than other average clients. Placing user reviews (with positive and negative reviews mixed up) can persuade people to trust your e-commerce website more.

Increase sales

Having profitable business is a must in the sphere of commerce. E-commerce business is not an exception, its main goal is to drive revenue too. User reviews and testimonials drive sales up for 18%. Besides customers who read user reviews and frequently asked questions are 100% more likely to buy something while visiting website. Total amount which they spend is 11% more than total amount spent by users who don't read reviews and F.A.Q. By updating reviews you can engage more visitors and increase number of sales.

SEO and User Generated Content

You cannot become successful in the Internet without correct SEO. User generated content such as user reviews will attract crawling search engines to your website (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) Fresh and relevant content, which users will post on your website, is just what search engines prefer. In addition, many people often insert "name of product/service or company" and word "reviews". Presence of reviews on your website will help you fit to similar search engine queries.

If you make correct format of your user reviews (for example, insert star ratings or headings) and they will be pulled unto search results - these snippets can increase click-through rates in 10-20%.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits there are many others. With the help of user reviews you can constantly monitor work of your customer service. Customer reviews can also show you drawbacks of your service, which are to be improved. Besides, you can’t but agree, that it is a positive sign, when a user wants to spare some time to sit down and write a review. It is for sure that using reviews you increase customer loyalty.

If you haven’t yet launched customer reviews on your website, do not miss an opportunity to establish your business on the next step of its development.

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