Contactless payments

Credit card department of Barclays bank (England) - Barclaycard has introduced stickers for contactless payments, it calls PayTag for Visa card owners. Small device in size of the third part of regular plastic card, can be attached to the cell phone, which as opposed to money is always in your pocket. According to the reason of usage convenience, recently it has become one the most popular topic for discussion and one of the most important innovation in e-commerce.

It is simple enough to take sticker to the special terminal at the cash desk and necessary amount of money will be written off the owner's Visa card account. Providing special terminals to the outlets all over Great Britain goes with breakneck speed. What about PIN code? If the purchase is no more that 15 pounds, entering the PIN code will not be necessary, but this limit is going to be increased. Currently Barclays bank spreads restricted quantity of contactless payments, but plans are quite serious - during next year to substitute payment stickers for plastic cards for most part of Barclays bank clients.

Small device PayTag can turn any mobile into a contactless way to pay, so there is no need to fumble with cash, find your card, or enter a PIN. As it is small sticker on your mobile phone, it is right there with you when you need. By the way, sticker could be stuck to anything, not only mobile phones.

The question is about safety of your funds. How the client would contact Barclays to inform about lost or stolen PayTag. To this question they’ve provided with encouraged answer, that if client loses PayTag or it gets stolen, client will be protected against fraudulent activity, in just the same way as his/her Barclay's card.

The Olympic Games 2012 in London thanks to sponsors Visa and Samsung will performed with motto “contacless”. By this moment contactless payments will be acceptable all over this country. By the end of 2012 it is predicted that there will be over 150,000 contactless outlets in the UK. Nowadays over 300 projects in the world about contactless payments. Popularity of contactless payment is evident.

Many European countries, except Great Britain, practice contactless payments, such as Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and etc.

No doubt that contactless payment is very comfortable and in the nearest future it will replace plastic cards not only for Barclays clients but for other bank’s clients as well. For instance, NFC technology (near field communication) becomes very popular. NFC it’s contactless high-frequency technology of short-range communication which provides data exchange between devices at a distance of several centimeters. NFC is already big in the mobile space. Nokia was one of the fist mobile companies who produced cell phones with NFC chip. NFC stimulates international payment systems, banks, mobile operators and mobile device manufacturers to implement common standards. It will allow mobile phones to keep all card data and interact non-contact with payment terminals.

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