Confirmation page: 7 important points to include

Confirmation page is a very important page of e-commerce websites. Order confirmation page makes it clear for the customer that the order is either completed or accepted and is going to be processed. This page has some crucial elements, for you not to overlook them.

1. Order was successfully completed

First of all you need to say on your confirmation page that the order was completed. Ironically many customers who arrive on the confirmation page are not sure whether they need something to do else to complete the order. In fact entire purpose of this page is to do just that.

2. Thank you

Never forget to say "Thank you" to your customers. Your customers by ordering something from your website make you a favor, in a way. Their orders help you to continue your business. These little words play important part in the history of your relations with customers. Everybody loves to be appreciated, so why not tell about this fact to your clients, so this phrase will never be excessive.

3. Product description and payment method

This page has to contain the most important information: what have you bought/ordered and how did you pay for it. It is also recommended to include downloadable PDF file with receipt of this transaction. This is made for customer's sake if they require it. And of course, not everybody is tech expert, so you can also include there link to free PDF reader.

4. Entitlement

In the e-commerce world plenty of things can be purchased, including information, like license or activation key or voucher code. If you provide this information on your confirmation page, you need to include detailed instructions how these keys/codes are used. In the end of instruction notify them to copy this information “just in case” or paste link to knowledge-base, where users can find it if they leave confirmation page.

5. Contact information

For those customers who still can have plenty of question about the product they offered, you should include contact information to your confirmation page. For example, if you have Live chat help desk you can hang its icon in the corner of the page. Maybe your customer has made a mistake or wants to find out additional information or just wants to make sure the order was processed - give your client possibility to talk to support team to make sure that he/she will receive appropriate service.

6. Refund policy

If your service has liberal refund policy, inform about it your customers. Usually refund policies have different conditions, they can be long and wordy. Publish the most important information, e.g. within what time frame does it work or to which products does it apply. The rest of information can be accessed via a link to your Refund Policy page or link to Refund Policy PDF file download.

7. Confirmation email

This point is the last but not the least. Send automatic emails with all necessary information and links to your customers. They may close their browser or leave confirmation page and forget all details. This email helps them reach all details they need at any time. However it is not very helpful when customer can’t find it. So it is important to remind to white-list your company’s domain name and check their junk/ spam folders.

These elements of confirmation page will ensure your customers that you care about their orders. Clear and detailed information makes your service or online shop more trustworthy and safe for your customers.

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