Buying followers on social media sites

This century has opened new opportunity for businesses to increase quantity of customers and brand popularity - social media. The most popular are Facebook and Twitter. These “instruments” allow you to introduce goods/services you sell and, of course, advertise them to numerous audience. It allows you to show how many people like your service, also it shows feedbacks. This way interacting with clients you have a chance to discuss advantages and disadvantages, which allows you to improve the service. It gives a chance your clients to share any information about service with their friends, colleagues etc.

Working on quantity of customers is a hard and long way but it has results: real customers, brand recognition and profit. Attracting customers in social media is the same thing but unfortunately some of businesses trying to buy ‘likes’ on Facebook or ‘tweets’ on Twitter. That will work against them.

For instance, Twitter is supposed to connect business with the audience, to interact with people nurturing and stimulating this audience to become customers. It is not the main point how many followers you have on Twitter. It matters how many you interact with.

So buying a community leads to a tragedy or let’s say to ‘fake audience’. It might make you look popular on the surface but in reality it all goes horribly wrong. One of the first things you need to do is to find a real audience who is going to like your Tweets. There is no sense to scream “I’m popular” having fake audience, because more and more people realize that large communities have been bought.

There exist some opinions that having fake followers is fine for celebrities, because it shows quantity of fans, consequently it shows their popularity. Considering the fact - they do not interact with their audience. Well, it depends on celebrity! Some of them become more popular because they interact with people, so this way they become more close to their fans. Buying followers is not usually a good idea, just make sure that once you’ve paid for your followers, you need to work hard to earn real ones.

It is better to have small quantity of customers or fans but real one. This way you can see the result and motivation to move ahead!

There are many websites which offer ‘buying a community’ on Facebook or Twitter. You can easily find it on the internet. Before using it you just have to think thoroughly! Building followers can definitely help companies get going and build their reputation. It’s a matter of making sure you get quality followers.

It is much better to introduce interesting information, news, gifts, bonuses, offers, new products or services to your clients using social instruments to attract them and stimulate to become clients. This way you’ll get feedbacks anyway: bad or good but it will be the result which you can analyse. Some people will share it with their friends or ‘like’ it on Facebook.

Using social media forget that you are a business person who wants to get money off social networks. Imagine that the only reason you use it - is to meet new people, communicate and discuss interesting things, while following topics and links you are really interested in. Most people who run business trying to increase their brand power and make sales. Generally social networks have been created for people to communicate, for those who are the most interactive and take time to comment, reply or retweet. So use it for communication with your real customers.

Spend real time building interactive conversation with your audience in social networks for the best and real results!

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