10 features of money fraud

Thousands of people become victims as a result of money fraud. There are many ways how to trick somebody out of money but the most common ones nowadays are dating websites and financial pyramids. How to recognize that you are almost caught by scammer and make yourself stop when you see symptoms of fraud, we will review in this article.

The most frequent cases when you can be scammed are the following: when you build “relationship” on the dating site or invest money in financial pyramid. If you have “met” somebody on the date site, first of all try to check several things in the beginning of your relationship, and do not be so naive. Let’s take girls on the dating site who are trying to swindle out money from men as an example.
1) She (scammer) contacts you first on a dating service and talks a lot about honesty. There is an info in profile that a man's age, race or income doesn't matter to Her. Mostly there is a 20 (or more) year age-difference, because chances of being scammed only increase with the age difference.

2) She is very polite, kind no matter what you say, looks like it’s “love at a first sight”, which is very attractive for hopeless and naive people. She always asks you to contact Her via her private e-mail which is changed from time to time during correspondence.

3) You mention discrepancy in countries (if mention - it’s good, because usually “love is blinded”), for example in Her profile there is info that She is from the USA, United Kingdom or any other country, while in Her letter She says She is from Russia, Nigeria etc.

4) Finally the most attractive part of swindle - photos. On the pictures She is too beautiful to be true. Generally scammers use photos of professional models. Some of them are more cunning, they steal photos of beautiful women from the Internet. You can actually check it using google. There is a top menu on the left side/Pictures. You click on it and on the search field you see the sign “camera”, click on it and upload picture of beautiful women. If you see that this picture is presented on many other different websites, forget about this online “friend”. More clever scammers can use photos not from the Net, but it’s rare case when these photos are used on 1 website only.

5) Spam letter. Suddenly She contacts you on your private e-mail, of course you have no idea how or where She got your e-mail from. Her strange letters are written hazy do not sound like replies to yours, but seems to be generic. In Her emails to you your name appears only once at the beginning of the letter.

6) Approximately on the third or the forth email you understand that She never answers your questions, because She avoids it. Especially questions about place of living, home address, place of employment, cell phone number and etc.

7) After all She “falls in love with you and cannot live without you”. Believe it's too fast, even if you are a great guy. Till the fact you have met each other face to face, spend some time together any words about love should be quite suspect. And the final scene of this “scam theater” is having money problems, where, unfortunately, you can become a victim. She is having some problems (lost Her salary, disease or need to pay rent and etc.) and extremely needs money to solve them. As soon as you see She needs your urgent help which is money, be careful! Even if She promises you to return it to you soon. You never saw this person alive, so do not believe in it. If you do not send money, She will stop to message you or disappear in search of “new love” which can send money.

8) If you decide to invest money into any online project, also be careful to trust your money to the scammers. First symptom of financial scheme is unrealistic high short-term returns (let’s say 25% in one month's time).

9) Even if you have been lucky to get first payout, there will come another suggestion to invest a second time but with higher return. This way scammers try to show that investor's principal is safe. Obviously it’s a sign do not invest, because if you do you will loose money for sure.

10) Ask any questions you are interested in about investing and require a prospectus to examine it thoroughly. Be wary if you do not get satisfied answer or any desired explanations about investment.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true - it must be suspicious. Recognizing the symptoms of swindle, try to avoid losing money. If you have a possibility or desire to let people know that you were trying to be scammed, you can publish this info on the Internet and maybe help somebody else not to become a victim of money fraud.

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